Women’s War Work is Never Done!

Women’s War Work Is Never Done:
Representation of women in The War Illustrated

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Are you interested in history, the Great War, magazines, the representation of women, or in being part of a research project organised and run locally?

If so, NoRMMA needs you!

NoRMMA (Network of Researchers: Movies, Magazines, Audiences https://www.normmanetwork.com/) is an international research group founded at the University of Kent.  We aim to show the value of researching popular publications, and are inviting volunteers to help us examine representations of female war work in The War Illustrated – a weekly publication which ran from August 1914 until February 1919.  While the image overleaf might suggest that the magazine depicted women’s roles as strictly domestic, or, at most, ancillary to the important work being done by men during wartime, the magazine actually devoted much space to women’s various contributions to the war effort.  We will investigate the types of women’s work emphasised in the magazine, as well as the way this is characterised and reconciled with the perceived role of women within society in the 1910s, a time before women had won the vote in the UK.

Sign up and join us for a series of half-day workshops. These will be held at the Beaney House of Art and Knowledge in Canterbury on 10 April, 8 May and 5 June 2017. Each workshop will last around four hours, and volunteers are welcome to attend all, some or just one of these. No previous experience is needed; all necessary training will be given in the workshops.

The deadline for registration for the workshops is 3 April 2017. Please state your preference for a particular session if you have one.

How To Register:

Email to: womenswarwork@gmail.com

Telephone: 01227 823435 – there is an answerphone, so do leave a message.

Write to: Womens’ War Work, Jarman Building, School of Arts, University of Kent, Canterbury CT2 7UG.

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