Ecran magazine, Chile

Hello, NoRMMAs! Today I bring you a guest post by Maria Peirano-Olate (University of Kent), about the Chilean film magazine Ecran, which is partially available online.

The Chilean film magazine Ecran, published by Editorial Zig-Zag, wecran dorisas one of the first specialised national publications in its field. It first appeared in April 1930 and was published until 1969, serving mainly as a link between the Hollywood film world and Chile.
Ecran also included insights and news about European and Latin American cinema, as well as comments on other forms of national popular culture, such as radio and theatre.

While initially published as a magazine dedicated to literature, cinema and the female world, its ‘feminine’ and ‘educational’ character aroused many negative reviews. In 1939, under the editorship of journalist Mar√≠a Romero, Ecran changed direction and made cinema its central theme, highlighting the impact of Hollywood productions on national audiences. From then, Ecran became the Chilean film magazine par excellence.

Ecran is available on-line thanks to the website Memoria Chilena (Chilean Memory), an open-access centre collecting digitalised documents and original contents from the collections of the National Library of Chile and other institutions of the Chilean Directory of Libraries, Archives and Museums (DIBAM).


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