Conference Schedule

We are pleased to be able to publish the schedule for our ‘Returning to the Page: Visualising Design and Desire in Fan Magazines’ conference.

Those who have received confirmation of registration have been sent a conference pack. Please note that registration is necessary to gain access to the conference, so do email us on if you have not already done so.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Monday 8 Feb Tuesday 9 Feb Wednesday 10 Feb Thursday 11 Feb Friday 12 Feb
First batch of papers released – “Magazines”* Second batch of papers released – “Stars”*      
  5PM GMT: Q&A session – “Magazines” 5PM GMT:  Q&A session – “Stars” 5PM GMT: Online screening of A Star is Born (Wellman, 1937) 5PM GMT:
Exciting fan magazine quiz (with prize!)
  6PM GMT: Roundtable on Fan Magazines and the Archive, with Lea Whittington (Margaret Herrick Library, Los Angeles) and Anastasia Kerameos (BFI, London)      

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