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moving pic world 21 Oct 1916 advert movingpicturewor30newy_0356

Ahoy! As you can likely tell, we at NoRMMA decided that International Talk Like a Pirate Day – which has taken place on 19 September since 1995, apparently, which would make this year its 20th jubilee! –  is indeed a holiday worthy of being observed. As such, for your enjoyment and education, we are proud to present some pirate-related fan magazine offerings… with a particular focus, of course, on female pirates!

The above image is an ad for Prudence the Pirate (Moving Picture World, 21 Oct 1916), a 1916 film starring Gladys Hulette as the eponymous Prudence, who according to the film’s IMDB page “rents an old ship complete with a motley crew of sailors, and makes plans to become a female Blackbeard”. Here’s the cover of this particular issue of Moving Picture World…

movie pic world 21 Oct 1916 front page movingpicturewor30newy_0343 (1)

… and a review of the film published in that same issue, proving some more information about the plot of the film and its (seemingly positive) reception. Please click the pages for a hi-res image.

moving pic world 21 Oct 1916 movingpicturewor30newy_0419

moving pic world 21 oct review page 2 movingpicturewor30newy_0420

The Photo-Play Journal published a short novelisation of the film’s plot in November 1916…

photoplay journal nov 1916 story photoplayjournal01mill_0189 (1)

The rest of the article can be found here.

Finally, here’s a rather picture-heavy feature on the film from the December 1916 issue of Film Fun.

Film Fun dec 1916 filmfun322333lesl_0410

Film Fun dec 1916 page 2 filmfun322333lesl_0411 (1)

Sadly, the film’s status appears to be unknown today, but do let us know if you have seen it or know where a copy might exist, because it sounds (and looks) delightful!

A second film we uncovered, although, perhaps, one with less of a piratey focus and more of a focus on bootleggers, those modern-day pirates, is Oh Kay, (1928), starring Colleen Moore as the central character. The following two pages are from Motion Picture Classic, April 1929.

mot pic classic april 1929 motionpicturecla28moti_0346 (1)

mot pic classic april 1929 page 2 motionpicturecla28moti_0347 (1)

Sadly, this film appears to be definitely lost. Film history clearly does not favour lady pirates!

We hope you have a great Talk Like a Pirate Day this year, and take our leave from you with the help of Joan Crawford, who no doubt sold plenty of silverware by dressing like a pirate…. Arrrrr!

Joan crawford advert motion pic classion nov 1930 motionpicturecla31moti_0502

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