Free registration for our Stardom Symposium!

“Performing Stardom”: New Methods in Critical Star Studies
Friday 29th May, 2015
NoRMMA (Network of Research: Movies, Magazines, Audiences), University of Kent, UK
Free registration by Saturday 9th May, 2015.
NoRMMA invites you to attend an interdisciplinary conference on non-traditional approaches to star studies research. The one-day event will be held at the University of Kent on May 29th, 2015.
Confirmed keynotes:
The event will focus on ways to explore film studies research through non-traditional approaches. Examples include: performance, video essays, creative fiction/non-fiction, and various multimedia projects. Through this symposium, we would like to explore the connections between scholarship and fandom, research and creativity, the benefits and disadvantages of exploring an (audio)visual art through (audio)visual means, and the development of the innovative and ever-emerging field of practice as research.
If you are interested in attending please email us at by Saturday 9th May, 2015, or comment on this blog post and let us know!

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  1. 11th May 2015 at 8:59 am

    Dear NoRMMAs everywhere!
    I just wanted to announce that ‘Film cultures in Spain’s transition: the “Other” transition in the film magazine Nuevo Fotogramas (1968–1978)’ is now available for you. Website details are included and there’s access through our library.
    Best wishes,

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